Guidance for Schools with Remote Learners

We’ve made resources from our office hours available for you to review before assessing.

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In this unprecedented time, we recognize that schools are operating under a variety of scenarios. The mCLASS team is here to provide continued guidance and support for assessing all of your students’ instructional needs. 

It is more essential than ever to understand your students’ current reading and mathematical skills and identify the areas of need to plan for learning recovery. And for your youngest students, it is vital to maintain the practice of one-to-one observational assessment so you have a personal window into their foundational reading and mathematical development. 

Whenever possible, we recommend that teachers administer assessments in person. When this is not possible, we have included guidance for conducting teacher-administered assessments remotely. We also acknowledge that ongoing disruptions may present new challenges. For those moments, we are offering a suite of online mCLASS assessments that students can complete at home to supplement your regular screening program and give you a sense of your students’ current reading skills. The online assessments are free with mCLASS. To request to have them activated, email us at

Assessment Guidance

Instruction Guidance

Once you identify each student’s instructional needs, learn how to adapt the recommended instruction within mCLASS for remote learning.

How to Deliver mCLASS® Small Group Instruction Remotely

To help you continue building students’ literacy skills during school closures, we developed guidance on how to deliver mCLASS Small Group Instruction remotely.

How to Deliver mCLASS® Intervention Remotely

If you use mCLASS® Intervention to support struggling readers, watch videos and read guidance on how to continue serving students via your virtual learning platform. Learn more here.

Skill Maps & Instructional Resources

The mCLASS® Interactive Skill Maps help teachers and caregivers identify early elementary students’ reading needs and find high-quality resources for addressing them.

Home Activities

mCLASS® Home Connect provides resources for families to practice and reinforce important literacy skills at home. The activities are available in English and Spanish.

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